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Young & Old Dogs

Here at Bonnybank we welcome young puppies for their first-time kennel experience.

Many clients are apprehensive about leaving their new puppy in kennels, and quite rightly so. All new puppies and young dogs are gently nurtured into the kennel environment to allow them to settle and gain some confidence. We closely monitor progress, any mood changes, input, output and general demeanour and give support, encouragement and TLC where required. Only when we think the puppy is ready do we expose it to the normal daily routine of kennel life; thus, after the first experience the young dog is set up for the future and looks forward to its kennels holiday!

On the other hand, if your dog is getting old and infirm, the same criteria apply close monitoring, encouragement and gentle exercise are the order of the day.

Why Choose Bonnybank Kennels?

Your treasured pet will have the benefit of fresh air and a cosy kennel overlooking lovely countryside, not white-washed walls!

We can cater for all breeds

our kennels are large enough for Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes!

Kennels with open runs overlooking picturesque countryside.

All dogs have their own kennel or together from the same family.

Heat lamps for the cold weather.

Medication administered to veterinary requirements.

Bath or shower to keep them clean.

Block built construction with galvanised mesh.

Vet bedding for comfort and warmth.

Intensive cleaning regime every day.

Walks in the country twice every day or to owner's wishes.

Choice of food, whatever your dog needs.

Large kennels will accommodate 2 or even 3 large breeds.

All sleeping decks have polystyrene inlays for heat retention.

All food and treats.

Play sessions in our exercise/play area.

Collection and delivery if required.

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  • Collection & Drop Off Times
  • 09:00 Until 11:00 A.M. & 3:00 Until 5:00 P.M

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